Etienne Bedeker Divorces

We also assist our clients in the unfortunate event of divorce. We always attempt to mediate the terms of divorce between the spouses in order to avoid a lengthy and expensive court battle.

If the parties agree to settle, a settlement agreement is drafted by us and signed by the parties. Summons is issued and served by the Sheriff of the High Court and after ten business days we apply for a court date.

On the court date we meet the Plaintiff at court and introduce him or her to the advocate we appointed to appear in court to request the Judge for a divorce order. The advocate will explain the procedure to the client and after the plaintiff has appeared before the Judge in court an order will be granted.

Thereafter we will assist our clients to transfer the house or other immovable property to one party as agreed upon in the settlement agreement.

Contact Etienne Bedeker if you are going through a divorce and need legal assistance.

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