Property Law

Property Law & Conveyancing

Since our inception we have developed into a trustworthy and dynamic partner for all Property Law and Conveyancing matters. Our clients range from real estate agents to developers to banks and individual property sellers and purchasers.

We keep our clients up to date with the latest developments in this field by giving lectures on various topics. We also send a monthly newsletter to inform our clients of recent legal updates.

We focus on all aspects of residential and commercial property law .We can provide advice and assistance with the following:

  • Agreements of sale;
  • Residential property transfers;
  • Bond registrations;
  • Township establishments;
  • Sectional Title Developments;
  • Consolidations and subdivisions;
  • Commercial and residential property development;
  • Assistance with the development process;
  • Agreements of Lease.

Immovable Property Transfers

We assist our clients with the transfer of immovable property anywhere in South Africa from the drafting and signature of the Offer to Purchase to the transfer of the property to the purchaser’s name in the Deeds Office. We guide our clients through the process and keep all parties up to date with weekly reports.

Bond Registration

Clients who are purchasing a new property or who wish to enhance their existing home may require the registration of a bond on their property. After the bank has approved a loan for our client they instruct us to register the bond in the Deeds Office after the client has signed all necessary documents.

Sectional Title Development Schemes

We assist the developers in the opening of Sectional Title schemes. We are involved from the purchase of the land and applications at the town council, consultations with all the other professionals involved such as Town Planners, Architects, Land Surveyors,the banks and Estate Agents. We open the schemes in the Deeds Office and conduct the transfers of all the units and the bond registrations. We have been involved in many schemes ranging from two (2) units to two hundred (200) units. Our team of professionals will assist you with all aspects of Sectional Title law and process.

Township Applications

We assist developers with the registration of townships in the Deeds Office.

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